a unique solution for traffic signal timing optimization
Подключение детекторов транспорта, прием цифровой информации и видеоизображения с проверкой целостности данных. Размещение и хранение информации в привязке к географическим координатам, описаниям и времени. Автоматическая диагностика и определение стабильности показаний.
Статобработка всех накопленных данных по каждому детектору. Отбраковка ошибок измерений. Подготовка данных с учетом постоянных времени, характерных для транспортных потоков. Отображение и сравнение графиков мгновенных и средних значений.
Определение временных интервалов, на которых должны применяться различные режимы управления светофорным объектом для наилучшего удовлетворения транспортных запросов. Оптимизационный расчет полных характеристик этих режимов как для календарного, так и адаптивного управления.
Автоматический расчет четырнадцати технико-экономических показателей эффективности вариантов решений по изменению режимов работы светофорной сигнализации. Сравнение различных вариантов. Графическое отображение результатов.

Signal timing optimization is the easiest way to avoid congestions

Traffic congestion is an affliction of the modern cities.

Only effective traffic management can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of the traffic jams. Solely and exclusively by ensuring the optimal performance mode of the traffic lights, without road reconstruction and replacement of equipment, the effectiveness of the existing road network can be at least doubled.

However, the traffic light optimization is a complex task, and to solve it effectively one must take into account large number of different parameters and use adequate baseline data. Therefore, according to the National
Transportation Operations Coalition, the traffic lights currently operate on D + .

ArteryLite, due to the high degree of automation and use of innovative triple optimization algorithm, can dramatically increase the quality of signal timing with minimal effort and cost.

Program features include:

  • traffic data collection, storage, handling and visualization, reliability analysis;
  • optimization calculations;
  • modeling of traffic light controlled transportation networks;
  • analysis of the technical and economic viability of the developed solutions by 14 HCM-compatible parameters;
  • transfer of the operation schedules (week set of timing plans) directly to controllers;

Advantages of ArteryLite:

ArteryLite addresses and automates all stages of signal timing optimization, from the traffic monitoring to actuated/adaptive control modes development.

ArteryLite addresses the changing traffic demands in a fully automated mode that drastically reduces the process complexity and eliminates the errors.

What is ArteryLite?

ArteryLite is a way to raise the efficiency of the road network to a new level without its physical modification and hardware changes.

ArteryLite is the maximum results at minimum cost.

ArteryLite is the long-awaited solution that will not only improve transport situation at critical points of the road network, but also provide the ways for further ITS development with the consideration of specific features of individual cities